Speed Dealer Moms kislemez

Előrendelhető, és a neten meghallgatható a Speed Dealer Moms első EP-je, amely két számot tartalmaz. Aki nem tudná, a Speed Dealer Moms John Frusciante egyik projektje, amit Aaron Funkkall és Chris McDonalddal közösen csinál.

Tavaly lett volna egy fellépésül Angliában, amit lemondtak, azóta csend volt az együttes körül, egészen mostanáig. Az EP december 6-án jelenik meg, addig is a planet.mu oldalán lehet belehallgatni.

Aaron Funk ezt mondta az anyagról:

We each come in with many drum machines, synths, modulars, fx, mixers etc. Our process is based on listening to each other’s programming as we go, and reacting to that as we each program our own parts. Playing off each other in every stage as we write. We record live to stereo and as a rule with these, there are no overdubs and no edits. We don’t know who will drop which of our many parts over what other parts which makes it a really exciting way to jam out a piece of music. This can result in drastically different versions of the same track.

These two tracks were recorded back to back during a Speed Dealer Moms session in early 2010. We noticed that we kept listening to these in the order we had recorded them as though they were already a 12 inch. This is how our first Speed Dealer Moms release accidentally came to be. Speed Dealer Moms is John Frusciante, Aaron Funk and Chris McDonald with many cats.

Speed Dealer Moms

Készült egy interjú Aaron Funkkal, aki a korábban említett Speed Dealer Moms formációban John lesz John társa. Az interjúban arról beszél, hogy hogyan találkozott Johhnal, és hogyan jött létre a Speed Dealer Moms projekt.

You might not know who Aaron Funk is, but if you’re a music fan, you’ve probably heard of his new bandmate: Guitarist John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The L.A. rocker and the Winnipeg musician are the leaders of Speed Dealer Moms, an electronica outfit that grew out of their recently minted friendship.

“He was a fan of my music,” explains Funk. “He turned up at a couple of my gigs in Europe. We started talking about music and we sort of became really good friends. He’s a cool dude. We just share this huge love of making music. We really clicked.”

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