Nemsokára új Dot Hacker album

Úgy néz ki Josh Klinghoffernek a Red Hot Chili Peppers mellett van ideje a másik zenekarával is foglalkozni, hiszen 2017. január 20-án új Dot Hacker lemez fog érkezni. Ez lesz a zenekar harmadik nagylemeze.

Íme az új Dot Hacker lemez, plusz egy Josh Klinghoffer interjú

Dot Hacker John Klinghoffer

Ma debütál Josh Klinghoffer másik zenekarának, a Dot Hackernek az új lemeze, címe How’s Your Process? (Play). Az album folytatása a júliusban megjelent How’s Your Process? (Work)-nek, és most az oldalán meg is hallgatható.

AllMusic: Beyond your role in the Chili Peppers and the other artists you’ve recorded and toured with, what kind of a luxury is it to have a musical outlet that’s something you created as opposed to one that was already established before you came in?

Josh Klinghoffer: It feels amazing, it’s kind of all I’ve ever wanted, musically, since I can remember. As a kid, being in bands with friends, you’re all in it together in the same place, and that’s not to say that the other bands I’ve played with aren’t that, but they’ve been around longer than I was in it, they’ve established themselves and they’re older than me, so they’re in a different place in their lives than I am. In Dot Hacker, we’re all around the same age, and when we formed the band, we were after the same things. It feels great to be able to follow whatever musical instinct you might have. The problem Dot Hacker has is time, that’s the one thing, we’re always up against time. On one hand, it feels great to be musically free and to exorcise that, but because you’re limited with your time, sometimes things don’t get to be worked on as much, and that’s a problem, but it’s great to be able to keep it going. The other guys are doing stuff, too, but I’m the main schedule culprit.

AllMusic: Some bands in that situation try to swap MP3s by email and do it remotely.

Klinghoffer: I’ve tried my hardest to send them demos, then we get in a room and I say, “Hey, remember that one…” and they have no idea what I’m talking about, so it doesn’t work that way. For a band of guys in this day and age, for four people to be so computer illiterate when it comes to recording, we could be recording ourselves and swapping files, but we still operate like it’s the past, and we very much like to work on things in a room together, judge people’s facial expressions, come up with the parts live. There’s so many different ways to do it now digitally, and I’ve found it’s easiest to just do it the way we learned how to do it, play it together, write it together, record it together, the Chili Peppers do it like that, any band I’ve ever worked with has done it like that, so it just makes sense.