Flea – Pathway to Paris

Flea Pathway to Paris

Még tavaly decemberben volt egy rendezvény, amelynek célja, hogy felhívja az emberek figyelmét a globális felmelegedésre. Többek között Flea is fellépett, erről van egy videónk, viszont ha valakit érdekel a dolog, akkor a Pathway to Paris oldalán tudja a teljes koncert hanganyagát megvenni, ezzel is tudja támogatni a szervezetet.

Some months ago I was contacted by my friends Jesse and Rebecca to help out with their organization Pathways to Paris. It is an organization selflessly dedicated to environmental activism, bringing awareness and profound consciousness to how we can all help our beautiful planet be a place where we can all live vibrantly, and shine a light on the things that work to prevent the beauty from happening. It was a very emotional experience for all of us who performed and spoke that night, Patti smith, thom yorke, Naomi klein, Bill mckibben, vandana shiva and more. The show was at a theater in Paris shortly after the attacks at the Bataclan which added to the sense of emotional urgency for all of us to give everything we could to create light, and be there for the people of Paris and the world. I played with Patti, thom, and tenzin choegyal that night which was beautiful, but I also performed with a musician I have long respected, warren Ellis. Warren and I had never played a note together before this night, but we both trusted that our spirits would run wild and free in the best way if we let them and we did, and fuck it was so fun. Here, along with other performers like thom and Patti who hardly need introductions from the likes of me, (damnit they both inspire me with the intensity) is a video of the warren and I on that night goin for it. There is an album of it you can buy also, for your listening pleasure and to help support pathways to Paris.