Flea – No Words

Flea nosztalgiázik, a minap rátalált egy dalra, amit még a 90-es években írt egy indie filmhez. A dal pár éve már fent van youtube-on, bár én még soha nem futottam bele.

flea333 – I went through a period of time in the late nineties when I played guitar, wrote and sang songs. I’m not much of a singer and I never really recorded any of it properly, but I did do this one in the studio for the end credits of a little indie movie I acted in. I forgot about this music, but I was just bumbling around on the computer and found this old recording. The sound quality is very poor, a strange warbling thing happens in the beginning, but I think it is a good song. It is called No Words. Go to my story and give it a listen and let me know what you think!

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