Broken Record Podcast: John Frusciante 4. rész

Újabb Broken Record Podcast érkezett, ahol Rik Rubin vendége most már negyedjére is John Frusciante.

In this conversation, John plays through more of his guitar parts and explains how he came up with some of the most memorable guitar melodies in modern rock history. John also explains how listening to Brandy, Destiny’s Child, and Wu-Tang Clan helped influence his playing on Stadium Arcadium.

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Broken Record Podcast – John Frusciante

Idén áprilisban már beszélgetett John Frusciante-val Rick Rubin, most újra összeültek a Broken Record podcastben.

On today’s episode we’ll hear John Frusciante talk about the band’s early music, including the making of Blood Sugar Sex Magik. They talk about how his contributions on slower, more melodic songs like “Under The Bridge” and “Breaking The Girl” helped expand the Chili Peppers funk punk sound. John also talks candidly about the dark, drug-addicted years that followed the intense success of Blood Sugar. And he explains how he was able to finally get sober and rejoin the Chili Peppers to record their classic, commercial comeback album, Californication.

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