Chad Smith interjú a Rolling Stone-ban

Chad Smith

A Rolling Stone leült kicsit beszélgetni Chad Smith-tel, természetesen leginkább az új albumról esett szó, de szóba került a turné, az Aeroplane, és még John Frusciante-ról is beszélt kicsit. Felkészülni, lehet jönnek további régi dalok a koncerteken!

Fans were shocked to hear “Aeroplane” earlier this year.

Yeah, we’re doing it. I think we worked up “My Friends” from the bastard album we never played. No one had a real connection to that one. Josh is like, “I don’t care. I like it, man.” And you gotta switch it up. We’re going to play some older ones, stuff off the first album. We’re playing “Nobody’s Weird Like Me” from Mother’s Milk. We’re delving into our back catalog a bit. It’s gonna be tough to figure out which new ones we can do. We can’t do them all. We’ll figure it out and keep ’em rotating.

Do you ever talk to John Frusciante?

I haven’t. Once in a while, he’ll send me a text or an e-mail or something. I know Flea saw him recently and they hung out. But I haven’t had much contact. He’s doing his thing. I love John. He’s one of the most amazing musicians I’ve ever played with. I’m so fortunate he was in our group. But I think he’s happy doing his own thing, what he wants to do, and that’s great. I want him to be happy.

A teljes interjút a Rolling Stone oldalán olvashatjátok el.