Hamarosan új Red Hot Chili Peppers könyv jön

Idén, pontosabban október 8-án jelenik meg egy új Red Hot Chili Peppers könyv, írója Gillian G. Gaar, címe pedig Red Hot Chili Peppers Treasures lesz.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers tells the incredible story of this epic band’s rise to international fame, with words from acclaimed music pundit Gillian G. Gaar and a scorching collection of photos and rare facsimile memorabilia. No die-hard Chilis fan will want to miss this red-hot volume. Exploding out of the 1980s with an intoxicating cocktail of funk, punk and hard rock, The Red Hot Chili Peppers have never turned down the heat and even a recent two-year hiatus did not diminish their popularity among their millions of fans. That devotion was rewarded as the Chilis took to the stage once again to great acclaim, and they were judged to be ‘big’ enough to headline the Super Bowl half-time show – possibly the biggest showcase in popular music today.