Egy levél Flea-től


Bár bennünket annyira nem érint a dolog, de mindig jó Flea-t olvasni. Flea ugye 14 évvel ezelőtt alapította Silverlake Conservatory of Music zeneiskolát, amelynek több jótékonysági koncertjén fel is lépet a Red Hot Chili Peppers. Most végre megtalálták a zeneiskola végső helyét, ebből az alkalomból írt egy levelet kedvenc basszusgitárosunk.

Dear World,

I am writing to happily announce that the Silverlake Conservatory of Music has found a permanent home at 4652 Hollywood Blvd (at Hollywood and Vermont).

We are tremendously excited about this, we will be able to double the amount of students that we teach, have our ensemble classes on site, as well as our recitals.

We still have a lot of fundraising to do; however, we are going to build an amazing facility and expand our music program to provide the best possible music education to the kids of Los Angeles. As always, we remain a non-profit institution and we will be expanding our scholarship program as well. HOORAY!!!

It has been our dream since we opened the school thirteen years ago to have our own place that long outlives us as a pillar of our community. Our dream is being realized.

As many of you know, we have been trying to acquire the property owned by the developers Frost-Chaddock at the corner of Sunset and Sanborn for the past year or so. We thought it would be the best thing for the Silverlake community for us to have our non-profit music school there, instead of the residential complex that they propose. However, after countless hours of meeting, talking, and negotiating, it became clear to us that it was just too much of a financial burden for us to get that property, and we would be able to serve the children of Los Angeles much more effectively from our new building on Hollywood Blvd.

We are infinitely grateful to the Silverlake community for all the support it has given us these last thirteen years, and we intend on working consistently to make our school the absolute best it can be. Thank you to everyone who supported us in trying to get the property on Sunset and Sanborn, but we have to put all of our energy into making the kids number one. We would, especially, like to thank our landlords Gareth and Christine Kantner for the thoughtful and heartfelt assistance they have given us at our current location, their support, and for their 24/7 dedication in making the neighborhood of Silverlake the best it can be.