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Chad Smith - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Két napja volt twitteren megint #AskChadSmith, Chad meg boldogan válaszolt az emberek kérdéseire. Ezekből a kérdésekből/válaszokból csemegéztem egy kicsit.

any updates on chickenfoot?
joe’s on tour not for awhile

What is your favorite band of the past 5 years?
One Direction

have you seen John recently? How’s the old man doing?
i haven’t..I’ve been in Nyc a lot..I hear he’s good tho

Much written for next album?
bits and pieces..not til we all get in a room together.

What’s the new album going to be named?? Any ideas?
Codycodycody..triple album

Do you like Nirvana,The Beatles?
never heard of them..R they new!??

favourite b side?
“Your eyes girl” 6 more comin soon.

today..I’d say Led Zep

a book you’ve read and loved?
any Dr.Seuss will do

What is your favorite song from the Californication?

@RHCPchad have you and Will Ferrell ever swapped lives for a day?
i would… and empty his bank acct.! Haha

who is your favorite female vocalist?
Lady day

why did you choose the drums?
they chose me

what is your best drum work on the rhcp??
hopefully comin up

will you ever do a sox on Cox again?
im wearing one now

Do you consider your band as alternative rock?
catagories are for record bins. if pressed,Rhcp is a rock band

Is there any chance we will hear you sing on new RHCP record?
slim to none