Az első dalszövegrészletek

Az egyik olasz magazin (La Repubblica XL) mostani számában van egy cikk a Red Hot Chili Peppers-ről, amelyben leírnak pár dalszövegrészletet az új albumról.

Happiness Loves Company
“Start jumpin’ cause we’ve got something to say. Young lovers keep it pumping, in the street of L.A.”

Dance, Dance, Dance
“Let’s say hello, it’s safe to go. Dance, dance, dance, dance. All night long and all night long.”

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
”Tic toc I want to Rock you like the 80’s, Tug boat Sheila, is into memorabilia. Who’ said three is a crowd, we better get it on the go.”

Goodbye Hooray
Curb your tongue oh scallywag / because you’ve got no flag to wave / save your breath for the black and white / every dog will have his day

Did i Let you know
When we envision / lack of division / the planet does / another revolution

Brendan’s Death Song
If i die before i get it done / take my words and turn them / into signs that will survive

Look around
Please don’t look trough me / hurts my heart / when you do that to me / steet life / out my window / city made breeze

Factory of Faith
All My life i was / Swinging for the fence / never playing good defense / we were gunnin for the glitter / every hot and heavy hitter

Annie Wants a Baby
She had a gold mine, but then she wasted away.