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– A német Gitarre & Bass magazin augusztusi számában 7 oldalt szentelt John Frusciante-nak. A cikk természetesen németül van, aki unatkozik ebben a nagy nyári melegben nyugodtan lefordíthatja nekünk 🙂
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– Az augusztusi Rolling Stone magazinban egy oldal a Chickenfootnak.

– Egy régi (2009 március) török cikk a Blue Jean magazinból Johnról, az életéről, és az Empyreanról. Angolul a tovább után.

He’s crazy. He’s very crazy. If your first thought upon reading these lines us “Hey man, what are you saying?”, don’t worry, I’m not saying anything bad. On the contrary, I’m giving compliments. Because if John Frusciante was reading these lines, believe me, he would have thanked me for these beautiful compliments.

He was John, he became “John Frusciante”
He was only 11 years old when he took his guitar in his hands. When he was 17 years old and moved to his own house, he was playing guitar 15 hours a day. I did not call him “crazy” for nothing, right? From Jimi’s to Hendrix and Page, he also did not forget to get close to Black Sabbath’s and Bowie’s. Long story cut short, the John whom only his family and friends knew, became John Frusciante.

Craziness due to money?
The 18-year-old Frusciante joined the Red Hot Chili Peppers with the help of the band’s bassist Flea after the death of the guitarist Slovak. Frusciante, having easily fit in, did two successful albums but after a while, he announced that he had left the band. If you ask “If everything was going fine, why did this guy quit the band, woman?” then I would like to give its answer as well: He’s a crazy man. Haven’t I said that before? John Frusciante was uncomfortable with the popularity the band got all of a sudden. The fact that money had become the goal for the band bothered Frusciante quite a lot. He did not want the money, his mind had always been on music.

The adventures of a crazy man
After he quit the Red Hot Chili Peppers, what happens to a lot of crazy people happened to John Frusciante as well. Drugs! He became withdrawn, and shut himself to his home when he got his acoustic guitar and started writing songs. That is how he released his first “crazy” solo album “Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt”. This album, no matter how many bad comments it received, was loved by his fans. The album was completely different than the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ albums. There are no words to describe how different this album is. You have to listen to it to understand. Then, he released his second album “Smile From The Streets You Hold”. However, he was still not successful, and he found himself in rehab due to drugs at last. Frusciante got cured, got his vitamins, ate his fruits, recovered, and got back to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Frusciante continued to release his solo albums at the same time, and the hardworking Frusciante released seven solo albums. (You can read the review for this year’s album “The Empyrean” on the next pages.)

The right to be crazy
About John Frusciante, they always say; he cannot play live as good as he does on his albums, he can even turn the song into a new one. Yes, that’s right, but it is also true that there isn’t another crazy man who can make the audience feel the way they do when they listen to John’s playing and vocals. Count how many times I used the word “crazy” in this article and multiply it with ten thousand and a hundred. He is that crazy +1. Dear Frusciante, goodbye and accept your craziness!..

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