Chad újra…

…a banda állapotáról beszélt, most a brit Q Magazine-nak válaszolt az együttessel kapcsolatban:

“Currently on tour with rock supergroup Chickenfoot, Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith spoke exclusively to Q. “No we haven’t split up,” he insists “We’re not playing right now, but shit, man, we played a lot. It was time to take a little break and live your life. We’re not some conveyorbelt”.

However Smith confirmed that: “Everybody’s kind of doing their own thing right now” but Smith claims the band – also including guitarist John Frusciante- are planning to “reconvene at the end of September or October”. ‘We make music when it feels right you cant force people to do stuff. If you’re not feeling it, so why do it? Do other thing and come back to it re-energised”

Forrás: invisible-movement

Ő már annyit mondta, ideje lenne most már Johnnak is megerősíteni ezt a dolgot.