Guitar World

gw0609chickenfootA Guitar World magazin júniusi számának borítóján a Chickenfoot van, a cikkben pedig az együttessel beszélgetnek. Chad hasonlóakat mond, mint a musicradar interjúban, beszél Johnról, illetve arról, hogy visszatérne-e a Red Hot Chili Peppersbe, ha a Chickenfoot befutna. A bennünket érdeklő részlet:

GW: Chad, last we spoke, you said you had a year clear to pursue other things. Yet, when I spoke with John Frusciante recently….

Chad: Oh, how did that go?

GW: It was… interesting.

Chad: He’s an interesting guy (laughs) He’s in his own world.

GW: He did tell me however, that there were “no plans” for the Chili Peppers at all. I took that very literally, as in you guys might not be getting back together.

Chad: The status is that we’ve been on a break for a year and whatever. I can’t speak for John: he’s doing his own thing. I when the Chili Peppers are ready to play, we’ll play. I’m not naming names, i’m just saying we’ll do it again when we want to. We have to feel it. I don’t have a time frame. I thought it was going to be a year off, now it looks like it could be longer. Maybe it’ll be two years, maybe longer.

GW: If Chickenfoot is a smash, would that make going back to the Chili Peppers harder for you?

Chad: Well, I still love playing with those guys, and I have tremendous loyalty to them. But hmmmm, to be in two hit bands at once… Wow, what a choice (laughs).