The Heart Is a Drum Machine


Felkerült a netre a film trailere, pár pillanatra John is feltűnik, illetve van egy interjú részlet a film két rendezőjével, amiben Johnról is beszélnek:

How did the film come about?
Pomerenke: I kind of had the idea for talking about music in a grand way, a deep way that we have never seen or done before. Usually music documentaries are about specific people, about their careers, and we wanted to do something broader and get away from that. We got together and started to put together a big list of what we wanted to ask people.
Page: We started shooting and it took about a year, and we did over 100 interviews with artists all across the board, like George Clinton, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, jazz and blues musicians.

Who are some of the more interesting people you talked to?
Page: John Frusciante from the Chili Peppers really blew us away. We asked him like two or three questions and he talked for like an hour and a half literally. He studied music and just went off and it was incredible.

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