The Watt From Pedro Show

Január 25.én John és Josh interjút adott a The Watt From Pedro Show-ban. A három órás adást le lehet tölteni innen, illetve van egy vágott verzió az invisible-movement jóvoltából, amely csak a “lényeget” tartalmazza.

Egy részlet, melyben John Omar Rodriguez-Lopezről és a The Mars Voltáról beszél:

…like Omar. Had you been a guitarplayer for him?
Yeah…I’ve played on all their albums except for their first EP…i just did another one in August.

Does he play on it? I mean there’s one where he didn’t play, right?
well, no. he played. but he played like overdubs…like there’s two…uhm…i play most of the rhythm guitar parts and then he did additional parts on top of that but like…tracking with the drummer…or…uhm…i guess it was just one where for the whole album i played all those parts but even on the next one i did after that, the last one that was released, i did pretty similar …you know…where i’m playing …a lot of rhythm parts

i think that is really righteous that you would say “yeah…guide me”
oh, it’s fun. yeah. cause…cause i’ve spend so much time know. concentrating on practising guitar…just learning things off records. that…ah…to be able to…to…apply that skill that i have to be able to learn something and then play it and just have it been just like how hard am i hitting the guitar, how i’m expressing myself through the part…rather than might thinking of the notes and the rhythms…it’s just fun. When i was a kid i thought i would been in Frank Zappas Band when i grew up, you know? So…so…i kind of wanted to have a situation like that when i play some …sort of difficult to play music and odd time signatures and stuff and just like…locking into it.

for challenge?
yeah, it’s fun. the one we just did ….uh…came out really cool. they’re going into a new direction (!!!)

mars volta…
…different sounding…