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Fleamail! September 22, 2008
From: Michael Balzary
To: My Friends everywhere
Date: September 22, 2008
Re: Hullabaloo Fundraiser

i am writing to tell you that we are having a fundraising concert/
party for the non-profit music school i started, ‘the silverlake
conservatory of music’ on september 27 which is sooooon…it starts
at 5 oclock

it is gonna be at union station, downtown l.a.

i am very excited to say that playing at this party will be the great
jazz trumpet player ROY HARGROVE yeeeeeeeeah! and his quintet, whom
i am very excited to see, it is so cool of him to do this for us, the
guy is amazing, i am awed by his trumpet playing

also playing is the jazz singer roberta gambarini, who is incredible

and the l.a. philharmonic string bass quartet …….wicked!!!

and a combo made up of the teachers of our school (including myself)

and many of the students of the school

so forgive the group email, but this is for the kids learning music

its a party food and drink and revelry

tix are available at our website……. www.silverlakeconservatory.com

please come