Unsung: Bob and the Monster

És ha már film, akkor itt egy másik is, melyet még csak most forgatnak, és az egész együttes szerepelni fog benne. A film Bob Forrestről (Thelonious Monster, Bicycle Thief) fog szólni.

Some of music’s most respected artists from Tom Waits, Iggy Pop, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Scott Weiland to Steve Earle, John Doe, and The Counting Crows have declared Bob Forrest as one of the most talented songwriters of our time.His band, Thelonious Monster, started in the mid 80’s as indie-rock heroes, played thousands of shows – some brilliant some train wrecks, made a few records and ultimately watched their friends and peers catapult to fame and fortune while they fell behind in a chaotic mess of addiction.
Bob tried to continue creating with the passion and love of music alone, but expectations, envy, resentments and drugs got the best of him by the early 90’s, Bob disappeared into alcoholism, drug addiction, television and dirty dishes. Then one day, miraculously, he woke up and cleaned up after more than thirty stints in rehabs. Attempts to get different jobs as a concert promoter, delivery man and truck driver fell flat and friends repeatedly reminded him that he was a songwriter, not a messenger. After meeting a young musician and fan named Josh Klinghoffer, who had a genuine love of music, Bob slowly began writing again. Soon afterward, the now clean and sober Bob with his new band, Bicycle Thief, released their debut, You Come And Go Like A Pop Song, in 1999. Pop Song conjured images of Lou Reed and Paul Westerberg and received rave reviews. The band played shows with Neil Young, RHCP, Stone Temple Pilots and Iggy Pop, but this time, got lost in the shadows of the “flavor of the month” music industry. Bob took his recovery seriously and soon found another calling as an addiction specialist and began working with the Musician’s Assistance Program, which helps musicians recover from drug and alcohol addiction. He was the recipient of MAP’s highest honor for his work in that field and continues to serve as a counselor and addiction specialist in a Southern California treatment center, and is the featured counselor on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Pinksy. Through interviews with Bob, friends and fellow musicians, rare live and archive footage, “Unsung: Bob and the Monster” tells the story of Bob Forrest, a creative soul who rose from the ashes of his self-destruction to live a life that never seemed possible