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Flea’s Playoff Update, Vol. III
May 7, 2008
Posted by Flea

lakers beat jazz handily in game one
lakers simply play better
the jazz rebounded better, and certainly the lakers will remedy that

kobe wins mvp

the thing about kobe kobe winning the mvp that makes me so happy
that kobe is happy!
i love to see kobe happy
in all of his nba career i have never seen him so happy
not just because he won mvp
though i am sure that that feels great for him
but because he has grown as a person so much
and been through some difficult circumstances to get there
and because of this path that he has taken
he can truly enjoy his reward
his happiness is a deep happiness
it is so cool for me as a fan
to see this guy kobe bean bryant grow up in so many ways
to see him accept his award with a genuine flow of humility
and a profound sense of appreciation for his teammates
i have always really appreciated kobe bryant
and i have always thought he was a great guy
with the focus and diligence and intellect to be the best
and i just like him more ad more as his career goes on
he is just radiating good feelings
and they are kinetic
and they are lifting the lakers to a lofty place