Psychedelic Sexfunk Live From Heaven (VHS, 1990)


1. Stone Cold Bush
2. Good Time Boys
3. Sexy Mexican Maid
4. Magic Johnson
5. Pretty Little Ditty

6. Knock Me Down
7. Special Secret Song Inside
8. Subway To Venus
9. Nevermind

Positive Mental Octopus (VHS, 1991)

Funky Monks (DVD/VHS, 1991)

“A BSSM készítése”

What Hits!? (DVD/VHS, 1992)


Behind The Sun
Under The Bridge
Show Me Your Soul
Taste The Pain
Higher Ground
Knock Me Down
Fight Like A Brave
Jungle Man
True Men Don’t Kill Coyotes
Catholic School Girls Rule
Stone Cold Bush
Special Secret Song Inside
Subway To Venus

Off The Map (DVD/VHS, 2001)


01. Opening
02. Around The World
03. Give It Away
04. Untitled #3
05. Scar tissue
06. Suck My Kiss
07. If You Have To Ask
08. Subterranean Homesick Blues
09. Otherside
10. Blackeyed Blonde
11. Pea
12. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
13. Easily
14. What Is Soul?
15. (The Jam)
16. Fire
17. Californication
18. Right On Time
19. Under The Bridge
20. Me And My Friends

Skinny Sweety Man
I Could Have Lied
Parallel Universe
Sir Psycho Sexy
Search And Destroy

– Pre-Show Backstage Footage
– Interview Footage

By The Way (DVD, 2002)


By The Way (Video)
Making of By The Way
By The Way (Performance Version)

Greatest Hits And Videos (DVD, 2003)

Számok :

01. Higher Ground
02. Suck My Kiss
03. Give It Away
04. Under The Bridge
05. Soul To Squeeze
06. Aeroplane
07. My Friends
08. Around The World
09. Scar Tissue
12.Road Trippin’
13.By The Way
14.The Zephyr Song
15.Can’t Stop
16.Universally Speaking

Live At Slane Castle (DVD, 2003)