Guitar World: Josh Klinghoffer interjú

Have you been in touch with the Chili Peppers since your departure?

“Yeah, I have – in different amounts with different guys. I hadn’t seen Anthony [Kiedis] until the other day – I ran into him at Chad Smith’s birthday. But we text. I play Fantasy Basketball with Flea – he and I are in contact often. And then I’ve had the good fortune of just continuing to work with Chad a lot in the last two years – doing some records, and recording a lot with Andrew Watt.”

A Guitar World készített egy interjút Josh Klighofferrel, amiben tökbbek között szóba kerül a Red Hot Chili Peppers tagokkal való viszonya, a Pearl Jam turné és természetesen a Pluralone is.

Rolling Stone: Majdnem kész az új Red Hot Chili Peppers album!

A Rolling Stone készített egy interjút Chaddel, amiben szóva kerül az új Netflix dokumentumfilm, a Count Me In, az új világkörüli Red Hot Chili Peppers turné, egy kis múltidézés, és még Josh Klinghoffer is.

Emellett külön cikkben foglalkoznak azzal, hogy Chad szerint az új album majdnem kész, és úgy hangzik mint a Red Hot Chili Peppers, de mégis új és különböző.

The Drummer’ Journal – Chad Smith interjú

Chad Smith

A The Drummer’s Journal készített egy hosszabb interjút Chad Smith-tel, amiben elég sok mindenről kérdezik kedvenc dobosunkat. Leginkább magánélet dolgok kerülnek elő, de olyanok is szóba jönnek, mint a Blood Sugar Sex Magik körüli időszak, John Frusciante, Detroit, vagy a zenei oktatás. Az interjú a The Drummer’s Journal oldalán olvasható.

Blood Sugar is my favourite Chili’s record. John Frusciante and myself had just joined really. I mean, we’d made Mother’s Milk, but Blood Sugar Sex Magik was when we all sat down and felt, “Ok, this sounds like us.” We all shacked up in this house and recorded it there. Anthony was singing more. The song writing had taken a step up. We just struck it lucky I think. I have real fond memories of that time. They’re probably a bit rose tinted. And it was a time when music was changing, especially in America. Metal was tarting to tail off. I don’t think we really got lumped into the grunge thing, but we were certainly part of the alternative scene. We ot really popular, we were playing arenas. And I think that became hard for John. The first band he’d really been in, and he eventually quit.

Rolling Stone: Chad Smith válaszol

Chad Smith

A minap lehetett a Rolling Stone magazin twitterén keresztül Chadnek feltenni kérdéseket, amelyeket ő meg is válaszolt. Természetesen szóba került az új lemez is, de még mindig nem derült ki az új producer, csupán annyit tudhattunk meg, hogy haladnak a felvételek, és egészen új irányba indult az együttes. Ezen felül beszél a zokniról, kedvenc dobosokról, a Chickenfootról, és

How’s the new album shaping up?

The new album is shaping up good, man. We’ve got lots of songs, and we’re working with an unnamed producer who is really challenging us to find new ways to come up with new music. We’ve done the “guys get in the room and jam out songs, everybody playing together all at once” thing. And we wrote a bunch of songs that way. And we’re now going to try another method that will be really challenging for us and will bring new, exciting results for the band. We’ve written and recorded in a way that we’ve never done before, so the record is going great. We all have high hopes that it’s going to take off and we’re going to do something very different and unique for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

As far as percussion goes, I foresee Mauro Refosco, the percussionist that we had record with us on the last record and tour with us, coming in and being a part of this record as well. I would think that he would add some nice, interesting percussive elements. But, as far as what I’m doing, I’m just playing my same old beat that I’ve been doing for 25 years, faster and slower.

Az összes választ a Rolling Stone oldalán olvashatjátok.