Flea szerint a rockzene halott


Nemrég volt egy interjú Flea-vel, ahol többek között felfedte, hogy a Go Robot lesz az új kislemez, de szóba került a 90-es évek, amikor még a Pearl Jammel és a Smashing Pumpkinssal turnézott a Red Hot Chili Peppers, ennek kapcsán fejtette ki a véleményét a mai rockzenéről.

“I just remember being so excited that we were playing with [Pearl Jam] and with Smashing Pumpkins, because it was just an exciting time for rock music. A lot of times, especially recently, I look at rock music as kind of a dead form in a lot of ways. Nothing to take away from us and [Pearl Jam], because obviously I believe we’re relevant bands that come with a real energy,” he continued.

“But if you’re a kid today, and you get in a rock band, it’s like – when we were kids, when I said I want to be in a rock band and that’s what I’m doing for my life, that’s what I was going to do, no question. You’d get: ‘You are a fucking lunatic, you are crazy. You’re never going to get a decent job in your life. What are you doing? You’re ruining your life.”

“I was like fuck it, I don’t care, this is what I want to do, this means everything to me, I found a home. I’ve been a weird, neurotic, loner kid all my life, I was always the kid you called fag in high school, punk rock gave me a home. But nowadays, you decide you want to be in a rock band it’s like, ‘Oh great, let’s get you an image consultant, and a lawyer, and a manager, and let’s see what we can do here. It’s a great money making opportunity for you junior.”

Josh Klinghoffer is basszusgitározik az új lemezen

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Josh Klinghoffer egy igazi multitalentum, erről már elég sokszor tanúbizonyságot tett, hiszen dobol, szintetizátorozik, gitározik, de most azt is megtudhatjuk milyen amikor a basszusgitárt veszi a kezébe, ugyanis az új Red Hot Chili Peppers lemezen az egyik dalban -a The Hunterben- ő fog basszuson játszani.

A Red Hot Chili Peppers új lemeze, a The Getaway június 17-én fog megjelenni.