Flea, Slash, Perry Farrell -Frissítve-

Tom Morello hét városban fellépő Justice Tourja tegnap Los Angelesbe érkezett, és egy fergeteges három és fél órás koncertet adtak. A fellépők között ott volt Flea is, rajta kívül Dave Navarro, Perry Farrell, Slash, Steve Vai is fellépett.

*Frissítés: Van már sok sok videó is (köszönet Cinaz)

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  • makaroni

    erről nincsen valami videó vagy valami jó hanganyag??

  • Dave a saját oldalán írt a koncertről:

    April 15, 2008

    Last night, Perry performed at Tom Morello’s Axis of Justice show at The Troubadour in Hollywood with Carl and Etty from Satellite Party. Tom had put together an incredible collection of artists for the evening including Pete Yorn, Slash, Steve Vai, Jerry Cantrell, Davey Havok and Stewart Copeland. Around 8:00pm I got a text from Perry that read, “Dave… Get down here. Flea is on his way and wants to jam!” Of course I accepted the invitation and immediately rolled over to joined Perry, Flea and Travis Barker for an impromptu Mountain Song. So much fun and for such a great cause. Plus, it gave Perry and I an opportunity to perform again in front of a public audience before hitting the awards show next Wednesday. I have had the good fortune throughout my years as a guitarist to share the stage with some unbelievable talents, but there is no one in the world that I feel more comfortable and at home with musically than Perry Farrell. Playing with Flea again was pretty incredible too. If I am not mistaken, I haven’t played with Flea since the 1997 Jane’s tour. Both Perry and Flea have had an enormous influence on my approach to guitar playing in their own different ways. It was pretty cool to share a musical moment with them again. Perk was up north with his band Banyan last night and was missed, but Travis was kind enough to fill in and did a great job.