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Üzenj Johnnak!

John Frusciante március 5-én lesz 40 éves. Ebből az alkalomból a hivatalos oldal fórumának egyik moderátora lehetőséget nyújt mindenkinek, hogy üzenjen Johnnak. Csupán annyit kell tenni, hogy küldesz egy képet neki e-mailben, ő pedig összerakja egy videóba, majd elküldi Johnnak. A határidő február 28.

Hi Fru fans. On March 5th John will be 40 years old! that is a major milestone birthday. What I am arranging is to have a little gift for john from us fans.

The idea is actually Lindy’s idea so the credit goes to her. What we are proposing is that fans create a birthday picture message to John and submit it to me in the form of a JPEG. I am creating a video to be sent to John.

Be creative
No advertising of any type! No promotions of websites, bands, products etc.
Please send them to me by February 28
I will try to fit all of them in.
I will send the video on March 5th and post a link to it here so you can see.
Send the pictures to
If you have any suggestions feel free to PM me them.
Lets let John know how excited we are and let him know we wish him a wonderful 40th birthday!

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