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Újabb Chad interjú

Úgy néz ki csak Chad beszél a Red Hot Chili Peppers állapotáról, megint van egy interjú vele. A Chili-t érintő rész szöveges változata az i-m jóvoltából alant. Valószínűleg ebből is lesz magyar, majd egyszer.

Interviewer: What do the guys from the Chili Peppers, what do they say about…aah…the Bombastic Meatbats?

Chad Smith: Oh, um, I don’t know, cause we just started rehearsing again last week, we just started writing songs, getting together, making music and so…I don’t even know if they really know about the Bombastic Meatbats. You’re asking me about Chickenfoot and I remember Flea was like: “What’s Marc Anthony like?” you know…and all that kind of stuff.


Interviewer: Is there going to be any song on the new Chili Peppers’ stuff named or have a meaning related to California?

Chad Smith: Hahahahaha…

Interviewer: Isn’t that a rule?

Chad Smith: I don’t think it’s a rule, alright. Anthony writes all the lyrics and the words, you see, that’s his category…but…yeah, I think it’s in the contract…hehehehe.

Interviewer: Yeah, can you please explain it to us, Chad? Why-why, eeh, you know, I’m a Chili Peppers’ fan, but…

Chad Smith: I don’t know…cause he writes about what he knows?! I mean, it’s where we live, you know?

Interviewer: I love California, haha..

Chad Smith: I know there’s a ? because…cause we wrote about this character! Dani California was in, like, three songs: one song on the Californication record, um, on the By The Way record and then, on the last, Stadium Arcadium, there’s actually a song called Dani California. So…so…but I think that chapter’s closed, he’ll have to come up with something new for this album.

Interview: Alright, so…

Chad Smith: That’s not like…I can’t do words, I have so much respect for people who can do lyrics, I can’t. As you hear on the Meatbats, I don’t do too many vocal vib…vocal, vocal stylings of Chad Smith. No, not yet! But it might be coming up.

Interviewer: You lied to us! You said you did, you said that you sing, we just can’t hear you.

Chad Smith: That’s right!

Interviewer: You liar!

Chad Smith: Oh nooo…

Interviewer: YOU’RE A LIAR, NOOOO!

Chad Smith: Don’t record!

Interviwer: Let me err…let me ask you, I’ve put up this questionary to a couple of guest on lately, artists and bands, asking the same question: Alright, Chad. You and the Chili Peppers just get aaa…you just get called up on stage for a big award show to accept your award. You walk up there, you’re about to give your acceptance speech, and Kanye West does what he did to Taylor Swift, to you guys. What does Chad Smith do?

Chad Smith: Oh, Kanyeeee…why does he do that? Umm…great question, I don’t…you know…probably start beatboxing and having-having him bust out a rhyme.

Interviewer: Yeah, I can see that happening! Yeah, you know, I can see you guys…

Chad Smith: If he can, he’ll keep doing it, keep thinking…and he probably can. Then it’s a musical and then it’s OK, but you know, ??????, you know. I know, I thought that was staged…you know, that was all staged. You know, MTV likes to do their controversial stuff. Shows for the ?????. It just looked staged to me, it looked like “Oh, here you have Kanye again”, you know, and it’s most like a joke…you know, like he always comes up and cries about something, he’s doing it again…but I guess not, if it was a ????, I’m just, I’m like… “no, come on”.

Interviewer: ????? it’s like, a…there’s Anthony like he’s in “Point Break”, you know, where he tried to pick the fight with Patrick Swayze, he takes off the shirt and then, you know, he just kinda does his little sway on the one side to the other….

Interviewer 2: ….It’s called dance move…

Interviewer: …yeah, and then they start fighting. That’s what I envision.

Chad Smith: OK…yeah, well, you know…

Interviewer: …and you laughing!

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